How MCS PLUS works!

All submitted posts are shown on MCS Plus.  If it is approved for the front page, the post will be sent to the trash, but not fully deleted. Right now users are not notified, the post just disappears from plus and appears in the queue for the main site.

Right now I’m permitting “orphan” images that aren’t attached to posts.  Those images obviously kinda get lost in the mix of things when they get pushed off the front page, and if they’re copied to the main site, they’ll be considered duplicate images by Google, which is a sorta no-no.   I plan on having the PLUS version of the image deleted if it’s been approved, but that’s a pretty final solution for the attachments. Perhaps a better option is to give the attachments a flag that says if it’s “front paged’ or not, but I’m really not sure how to set the images to display or not based on that flag.  Regardless, the images that are shown on the main PLUS page should only be the ones that have not been sorted to the SFW or NSFW sites.

Right now there’s no ads on plus, which is due to the fact that sfw/nsfw content is going to be co-mingling. I’ll have that resolved soon too.

I’ll also need to make an indication on the images on the front page that says if the images are attached to a post or not.

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