Intentionally Breaking MCS+ Comments

Comments are broken right now on MCS+, going to use as the test bed for getting the comment rating back up and working right.

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    11 Responses to Intentionally Breaking MCS+ Comments

    1. god dammit, why am I always breaking everything, what a fucking shit show


    2. ok, comments are showing now, so that means it’s pulling in the current comment ratings correctly, but it doesnt’ appear that I can rate any of the comments. is there something to stop users from upvoting their own comments? Time to test with a sock puppet!


    3. I have failed in my efforts to fix the comment karma situation within an hour, I’ll have to try again when I get home. I looks like the comment karma plugin is using some mysql references that have been deprecated and removed from PHP, I’ll need to do some research on how to replace them gracefully.


    4. Resuming to break things.


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