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    4 Responses to Hypnocat

    1. So Tiki, why, and how long, it’s gonna be here ?


      • so I figured out how to let people upload them.

        I have no figured out how to show a thumbnail (may not be possible right now) or to move them from PLUS to WWW. In theory it should be working as any other attachments, but right now the video file is being dropped in the move, which is less than optimum.

        I’ll be working on this some time in september, so the answer I have for you is: maybe in september? I’m also working on the comment ratings plugin, but that thing is broke as fuuuuuck


      • now I’ve figured out how to link to a default thumbnail if it’s a video uploaded. next up, I’ll see why they’re getting deleted when transfered.


      • now I know exactly what I need to do. not happy about it, but there it is. I’ll have it done within the week, if I’m not blown away by a hurricane.


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