“Star Trek: Voyager: Architects of Infinity” Review by TrekCore

Star Trek Voyager Arcitects of Infinity front cover 625x1024 “Star Trek: Voyager: Architects of Infinity” Review by TrekCore

TrekCore has a review of “Star Trek: Voyager: Architects of Infinity” up on their site:

Architects of Infinity is exactly the kind of story that Star Trek is uniquely suited for – a classic tale of exploration that illuminates the wonder of scientific discovery. While it does not obviously advance some of the major storylines from the previous book, particularly as it relates to Voyager’s reintroduction to the Krenim, it does give us a lot to chew on – and a shocking cliffhanger!

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from www.startrekbookclub.com/4731/star-trek-voyager-architects-of-infinity-review-by-trekcore/

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