“Star Trek: 33 Deep Domain” Review by Deep Space Spines

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Deep Space Spines has a review up for “Star Trek: 33 Deep Domain“:

This week, we’re … saving the whales? Hold on, didn’t we just do that two weeks ago? Nevertheless, here we are, and although Deep Domain does share some themes with The Voyage Home, it travels a wildly different story path, as Howard Weinstein assures us in his Author’s Notes. How different, you ask? Missing officers, a military coup, family trouble, broken treaties, government secrets, isolated civilizations, and cetacean mutations—and those are just the ones I can rattle off the top of my head. And if that sounds like a lot for a <300pp. book to juggle, perhaps it won’t entirely surprise you to learn it’s not totally successful in that endeavor.

Star Trek: 33 Deep Domain is available on Amazon.comBooks-A-Million.com, and on E-Bay “Star Trek: 33 Deep Domain” Review by Deep Space Spines

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