Blessings upon modern appliances and a question:

Read book about housewives in 1930’s. So much work! O_o Grateful I live with modern gadgets and luxuries! \o/

Opened my eyes to how LUCKY we are to live way we do. Even with my career I have ENORMOUS amount of leisure-time compared to girls back then. And house-work is so much easier than what they had to do. (Using washing clothes press by hand for hours to get clothes *somewhat* cleaner? HARD housework all day long? Tough women!) Makes me appreciate what I have so much more.

I can basically load up some dishes or clothes in appropriate machine, push some buttons, then go do something fun until cycle completes. I basically do <1 hr of light housework each day. I exercise lots more than I do chores. lol. I have extra time to exercise, plan meals, read, internet, tv, etc… (I also work part-time outside of home so please don’t think I lazy!)

Let me give example: Wife makes majority of income by working outside home. Husband stays mostly at home during her absence and does chores; nurtures young children that are not at school; food shopping; food preparation; light housework, etc… basically what would be “traditional” girl’s work.

It very unusual in my country for such marriage to exist. Any house-husbands here? Do you feel treated differently by other people because of how your family divides responsibilities?


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