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  • Comment on It's Poe-vember! (2017-11-14 16:45:02)
  • Comment on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (2017-11-01 13:04:32)
    Scared the crap out of me as a kid.
  • Comment on ASH VS EVIL DEAD - Season 3 Teaser Trailer (2017-11-01 13:02:09)
    Shot from inside dripping maw of monster. Classy.
  • Comment on Cara Delevingne (2017-07-07 09:02:23)
  • Comment on Godzilla: Monster Planet (2017-07-07 08:48:35)
    This is almost too much Godzilla.
  • Comment on SCANNERS (2017-05-25 20:06:37)
    1981. An interesting cinematic year.
  • Comment on Crazy at the wheel: psychopathic CEOs are rife in Silicon Valley, experts say (2017-04-01 20:26:37)
    This is a very good BBC doc on psychopathy I saw a few years ago.
  • Comment on 1984 (2017-02-01 22:14:54)
    And to play us out, here's the Eurythmics doing part of their ill advised soundtrack to Radford's 1984. (To be fair, they'd been duped by the producers) I like the track on its own but sticking this on for commercial reasons instead of the original orchestral score was a mistake. Radford hated it.
  • Comment on 1984 (2017-02-01 22:09:51)
    Here's the whole of the BBC's infamous 1954 live tv broacast of 1984, adapted by Nigel Kneale. It caused outrage at the time due to its disturbing nature (allegedly someone died of shock watching it) and questions were asked in parliament. Everything was smoothed over when the Queen said she'd watched it and liked it. Great cast! Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasence and André Morell.
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